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Jazzy nite @ black cat – plaza senayan arcadia

Accidentally found this lounge from internet and now we love this place..

So after a few visit

Last friday nite we went again to this place

With a starving tummy we ordered quite a lot :p

I’m start with the salad, caesar salad..

But unfortunatelly this one quite “usual”

Move to the calamary ring,, this one is yummy plus the sauce (or mayonaise?) Is nice.

He order beef lasagna,, hmm can’t said we like it but its OK..

And (not like usual) I’m craving for dessert so we ordered blueberry cheesecake, again, no a watermouth melting one.

But among of all

We still love the ambience and the music

Esp at friday nite at 7pm

Love this band 🙂


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