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Im whispering to God

Dear God..

Have i ever said that YOU are the best for all the bad and good time in my life?

Or have i always mad at you all the time like i used to a couple years ago?

Yes.. I ever thought that YOU are mean to me.. Few years back im like a bestfriends with tears and sorrow. Good things that i love are gone, things doesnt go as what i want and i do blame YOU for that.

Tons of sorry for that…

Years are passing by and im start to learn that life is a cruel place to stay at
So im just pray for a strength to be able to get along with it.

But hey.. I never knew that YOU are a full of surprise man before (in a good way).

Suddenly YOU sent YOUR best angel to me, here, beside me..

He is really the best things that ever happened to me 🙂

Dear God,
Im not dare to ask for more again from YOU, just please please take a good care of YOUR best man that you gave me.

Love him so much!!
And Love you GOD.


Ps:catatansoreharidiJanuaryyang sejuk
January2015 🙂

My love note for you.


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